Posted: 22/09/23

Q&A: Sourcing a Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain.

At Trade Interchange, our goal is to deliver supply base confidence through a streamlined solution. For instance, we aim to make the collection of supplier Environmental, Social and Governance information easier for our users, so they can source a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

We sat down with guest speaker Jeffrey Rajamani, a Senior Analyst from Forrester Research, for a webinar entitled: ‘How can you source a sustainable and ethical supply chain?’

Ethical Supply Chain

The webinar delved deep in best practices in this area, such as the benefits of embedding ESG across source-to-contract. In this document, we discuss other areas of sustainable and ethical sourcing with Jeffrey.

The document covers several questions, including: 

  • When trying to source a sustainable and ethical supply chain, where would be the best place to begin?
  • What are the best methods of developing more maturity as a sustainable organisation?
  • What are the opportunities that can arise from having a sustainable and ethical supply chain?
  • How can you use technology to authenticate sustainability and ESG data?
  • What are the current and upcoming challenges organisations are likely to face in sustainable sourcing, and the cost of not tackling them?

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