Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 05/11/21

Bonfire Night 2021

Bonfire Night is upon us! It’s the night we celebrate by lighting fireworks, running around with sparklers or sitting around a Bonfire with our friends and family.

Bonfire Night makes for a wonderful evening, however, it’s important to consider what Bonfire Night does to the environment when deciding how exactly to celebrate this night because the fact of the matter is that Bonfire Night isn’t sustainable.

Loud noises frighten animals, forcing them to leave their habitats. Empty firework shells are left scattered across the ground. Lanterns can potentially cause damage to animals, with them getting caught into their wiring, and according to a guide by Environmental Protection UK, Fireworks can have an impact on air quality, emit carbon dioxide, and other gases.

In the time of the climate crisis, this is not the best idea, so it’s worth considering whether there are better options, such as attending a firework display rather than using fireworks in your back garden.

Just like there may be ways to adopt more sustainable practices on Bonfire Night, there are also ways to ensure that your suppliers are sustainable.

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) is a central platform for collecting, storing and managing supplier data, enabling greater confidence in supplier approvals which will help reduce the risk to brand and ensure supplier compliance.

ARCUS® SIM has also helped companies collect information surrounding the sustainable practices of their suppliers, to ensure that they are compliant with the sustainability goals of the company. This could include whether the supplier’s products contain palm oil that has been sustainably sourced.

Artificial Intelligence in ARCUS® SIM and the plug-in Manufacturing Site Information (MSI) scans documents at the point of upload, including any sustainability accreditation that the company has, which is verified with 99.5% accuracy. This means you can ensure that your suppliers are complying with sustainability policies.

ARCUS® Supplier Management Software can help companies ensure that their suppliers are adopting more sustainable practices. To learn more about ARCUS®, have a look at the document here.









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