Posted: 25/03/24

Tower Supplies: SIM Implementation Case Study

In 2022, Tower Supplies went through our tried-and-tested implementation process, to embed our Supplier Information Management solution. This ensured that the system was configured to their preferences, going from an initial design stage to beta-testing prior to launch.

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Tower Supplies SIM

Tower Supplies needed the implementation of a Supplier Information Management module to aid supplier onboarding that could be configured to match their internal process.

Benefits of SIM include: 

  • Users are up and running in as little as nine weeks
  • ARCUS® Supplier Management Software is configured to the client’s requirements
  • Regular meetings to review progress and updates throughout the implementation process
  • An online project plan is maintained an shared with key stakeholders
  • Following the successful implementation, the project team and Customer Success Manager will continue to provide support

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