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Posted on: 03/06/21

National Fish and Chip Day 2021

Often considered to be the United Kingdom’s most iconic dish, fish and chips is a simple meal that can be enjoyed wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper from your local chippy or as a more elegant option from a small restaurant.

National Fish and Chip Day has returned for its sixth iteration in 2021, this year being celebrated on Friday 4th June. The national day aims to raise awareness about fish and chips, the ingredients and the work that goes into creating Britain’s most popular dish.

There is no denying that Brits love their fish and chips, with an incredible 382 million portions being sold annually in fish and chip shops alone. Everyone has their preference when it comes to condiments, too, with some being diehard mushy pea fans while others will swear by curry sauce.

However, the charity Oceana conducted an audit of the UK’s key populations in January 2021, and their findings suggested that only a third are currently in a healthy state. Amongst these was cod, which makes up around 65% of the fish ordered in chip shops around the country.

The group also said that, according to an article in the Guardian, “catches of cod in the North Sea should be reduced substantially – by around 13 to 16%,” before going onto suggest that no cod should be fished from the Celtic Sea if stocks are to be saved from severe depletion.

While UK cod is currently rated as a “fish to avoid” – which is the lowest possible ranking given by the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide, it is not all bad news. In contrast, Icelandic cod, receives the highest sustainability ranking, and 90% of cod that is consumed in the UK domestic market is exported from Iceland, China, and other EU countries.

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