Posted: 29/09/22

2022 ARCUS® User Group round-up: ESG in the Supply Chain

Trade Interchange hosted the fifth edition of its annual ARCUS® user group last week, the first to be hosted in person since 2019.

2022 User group round-up featured image

The 2022 user group focused on “ESG in the Supply Chain”, and the event allowed ARCUS® Supplier Management Software users to see the latest product updates, a food manufacturing case study, and an expert guest speaker on this topic.

Hosted at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel, London, a wide-ranging audience including users across numerous industries and departments, industry experts, and Trade Interchange partners gathered to discuss how ARCUS® Supplier Management Software can help to solve ESG issues in supplier management.

The session started with an introduction from Mike Edmunds, Trade Interchange Managing Director and Co-Founder, welcoming guests and providing an overview of the day.

Mike welcomed the expert guest speaker of the day, Andy Dewis, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships, to the stage.

Andy Dewis, Founder & CEO, Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships
Andy Dewis, Founder & CEO, Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships speaks at the 2022 User Group


Andy presented the importance of ESG in the supply chain, highlighting numerous projects Pineapple are currently working on. Andy also explored how the organisation provides benefits for the organisations looking to improve their supply chain ESG processes and then hosted a Q&A session from the audience.

Following Andy’s presentation, attendees were shown an overview of how ARCUS® Supplier Management Software can streamline, automate, and enhance ESG management in the supply base by Marc Brackenbury, Marketing & Sales Manager at Trade Interchange.

After a quick coffee break, Mike showcased some of the new ESG-focused APIs introduced into ARCUS®, including BRCGS, Red Tractor Assurance, and RSPO integrations.

Following lunch, Mike presented an introduction to ARCUS® Analytics, a new solution from Trade Interchange that enables users to visualise data across ARCUS® Supplier Management Software and other official data sources. The audience was provided with an outline of the solution itself before Mike demonstrated numerous ESG dashboards and data visualisations.

The final part of the day was an AAK case study. In this session, it was highlighted how AAK has adopted the ARCUS® Source to Contract solutions, numerous APIs, and ARCUS® Analytics to collect, verify, and visualise vital ESG supplier management data.

There were several Q&A sessions throughout the day, providing attendees with the opportunity to give direct feedback about ARCUS® Supplier Management Software and what else they would like to see included to Trade Interchange.

Q&A Session at 2022 User Group
Q&A Session at 2022 User Group


Summarising the event, Mike Edmunds said: “It was great to host our annual user group in-person once again, as this really provides our users with an opportunity to interact with each other on numerous important and interesting ESG topics. We look forward to doing the same next year!”

If you would like to find out more about common ESG issues in supplier management, you can complete the short form below to read Trade Interchange’s “ESG in Supplier Management” guide.