Aldi product recall – supplier concerns over pest contamination


April 14, 2016

Aldi product recall - supplier concerns over pest contamination

It has recently been reported by the BBC that global discount supermarket chain, Aldi has had to recall come some of its biscuits and crisps due to concerns over possible pest contamination at one of its suppliers.

The biscuits in question were made by a supplier based in the North of England. Aldi has suspended all orders with this supplier while the matter is investigated further. But this incident will no doubt act as yet another wake-up call to the effects a product recall can have on brand and reputation.

This latest event again highlights the growing need for food-related businesses to have complete visibility and traceability over suppliers. Having comprehensive information about its suppliers’ compliance and quality processes is an important component of Supplier Risk management.

Mike Edmunds, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Trade Interchange, said: “Product recalls are becoming more frequent, and as a procurement team, you can’t be expected to always see them coming, after all, you aren’t on the factory floor of your suppliers.

“However, you can be expected to have a comprehensive supplier information and contract management system that enables best practice and due diligence.  An auditable system that is linked to suppliers’ contractual and performance data demonstrates that you are proactively minimising supply chain related risks. This can really help protect your company’s reputation when issues like this occur and help minimise cost to your brand.”

Our short video demonstrates how ARCUS® SIM can help manage supplier-related risks and ensure best practice processes are in place. 

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