New eSourcing Case Study for Procure4


April 26, 2015

New eSourcing Case Study for Procure4

New eSourcing case study for Procure4

Procure4, expert procurement consultants and supply chain management specialists, have been using Trade Interchange’s eRFX and eAuction modules for over a decade. Our latest Case Study reveals how they have embedded the ARCUS® eSourcing software into their own consultancy processes to help deliver significant and sustainable cost base reduction and efficiency improvements to their clients.

The relationship between Trade Interchange and Procure4 began in 2004 when Procure4 ran its very first eAuction. At time eSourcing was in its infancy and there wasn’t the acceptance of online tendering and eAuctions that there is today. Over the last 10 years, more organisations have realised the advantages of incorporating technology into their procurement process and Procure4 and Trade Interchange’s relationship has developed. So much so that Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® eRFX and, selectively, eAuction modules are now part of Procure4’s standard practice to deliver a range of benefits;


  • A standardised tendering process that allows everyone to quickly and easily adopt Procure4’s methodology.
  • If current data is incomplete the eRFX process helps Procure4 quickly understand exactly where gaps lie.
  • Consistent processes deliver significant efficiency savings and allow for easier tendering analysis and supplier comparisons.


  • Greater knowledge into current market trends and insight over the way the market is moving.
  • eAuctions help Pocure4 achieve ‘True Market Price’ for goods or services.
  • Procur4 is able to demonstrate objectivity and transparency to its clients.


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