Trade Interchange Launches ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager


November 6, 2015

Trade Interchange Launches ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager

Supplier rebates can account for millions of pounds worth of extra income, but managing them can be time-consuming and complex. This can, for most businesses, result in the full revenue of a deal not being realised.

Trade Interchange has launched the ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager. It provides software to automate and simplify the process of managing supplier rebates to ensure companies maximise the income within every supplier agreement.

To coincide with the launch, Trade Interchange has created a microsite to provide businesses with more information on how to optimise rebate revenue using the software. The microsite offers a wealth of information ranging from research findings, fact sheets and case studies that provide insight into how the likes of The Brakes Group has made hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of additional rebate income using the ARCUS® software.

“We are very excited to launch our ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager,” says Simon Brake, Director at Trade Interchange. “Following on from our research, we found that 93% of companies have a challenge managing supplier rebates. Our solution revolutionises the process, making everything simpler, easier and quicker. ARCUS® Supplier Rebate Manager allows companies to optimise rebate income whilst improving efficiency, and it is very exciting to see the impact it is having on our client’s bottom line.”

Please visit our microsite by clicking here or call us directly on 02087 800 610 for more information.

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