Supply chain professionals in food & beverage can collect the product specifications they need, including packaging and pack sizes, directly from their suppliers. 

About Product Information Management

ARCUS® PIM provides a central product database that allows supply chain professionals to collect, approve and manage large volumes of product data and specifications. Product questionnaires are tailored to a company’s requirements, and suppliers directly enter vital product information such as pack sizes, storage requirements, packaging and pricing information at the same time as all other product specifications. Tailored approval workflows ensure product information is shared effortlessly between supply chain, technical, quality and procurement departments, removing silos of product information and creating greater transparency over the status of all supplier products.

What are the benefits?

  • Collect supply chain product information before approval
  • Enhanced search and reporting
  • Custom product questionnaires and workflows
  • Central product information database
  • Multi-department collaboration
  • Efficient and auditable process



Suppliers enter product information directly
Multi-system integration
Removes silos of product information
Domino's Carousel

"As a team we now have one data source instead of a number of local spreadsheets, this is fully searchable and means we can immediately access approved supplier and product information."

Helen Allan, Head of Technical, Domino’s Pizza UK

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Case Study

Fridays Carousel

Fridays wanted to introduce a single system that enabled collaboration across their procurement, technical, supply chain and food development departments to manage the risks in their supply chain.

Using ARCUS® PIM, Fridays’ supply chain department is now able to request and collect all required product information, including pricing, pack sizes, storage requirements, labelling, and more.

Suppliers directly enter the requested product information and upload any supporting documentation, removing potential re-keying errors and saving the supply chain department time.