Posted: 03/07/19

Webinar: How to ensure accurate and up-to-date master product data

To run your business profitably and comply with legislation, you need to make sure your supplier nutritional, allergen and pricing information for your ingredients is accurate. But, this can be a challenge with information coming in different formats from different suppliers, and manual processes.

In this webinar, Mike Edmunds, Managing Director of Trade Interchange, and Stewart Maranello, Senior Solution Consultant at Fourth, discussed how the integration between ARCUS® PIM and the Fourth Platform can help your business:

  • Ensure a single set of accurate and up-to-date master data is available for your business.
  • Eliminate manual administration tasks and risk of errors.
  • Create a fully auditable and effective process for managing, storing and sharing supplier product information.

If you would like to find out more about the integration between ARCUS® PIM and the Fourth Platform, you can download the PIM factsheet by completing the short form below.

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