Written by: Trade Interchange

Posted on: 23/11/18

Alcohol Awareness Week – How poor supplier management can leave your business on the rocks

Already we are stocking up on gin and prosecco ready for the festive season, and using the excuse “it’s nearly Christmas” to justify drinking and socialising at any opportunity from the middle of November onwards (hiccup). This Alcohol Awareness Week we uncover some of the risks associated with alcohol in the supply chain, and look at how effective product information management software can help businesses in the food and drink sector better manage them.

Allergens in alcohol isn’t a big deal? – Schnapp out of it!!

We have all heard about the devastating and fatal impact food allergies can have on families and businesses, and how specific labelling on food items could have potentially prevented it. But what about those hidden allergens in booze?

In the drinks sector, gluten and sulphites are the most common allergens that can be found in alcoholic beverages, and that doesn’t include the mixers, fruit or other garnishes that can be added too (novelty cocktail umbrellas not included).

Failing to identify and openly communicate these allergens with customers could land a business in a sticky situation, and could potentially be life-threatening.

Specialist and advanced PIM software exists to help alleviate these types of risks in the supply chain. By gathering vital product information from suppliers, such as allergens, and nutrition, users are able to provide clear evidence of due diligence should an issue arise, as well as communicate the allergens present in drinks to their customers confidently.

Drunk as a skunk – or not if you’re vegan

Many alcoholic drinks contain animal derivatives that can be used as fining agents in alcohol. If you’re a veggie or a vegan, this can be a nightmare to identify especially as manufacturers in the UK are not actually required by law to list the ingredients for alcoholic content higher than 1.2%.

The ‘free-from’ movement that incorporates veganism and vegetarianism is huge, and still growing, so being able to list vegan-friendly drink choices on menus provides vegan and vegetarian customers with confidence, and is good for company brand and reputation.

PIM software can make this a simple and easy job for the person in charge, and automates the process for collecting detailed information about supplier products, such as ingredients and if they contain traces of animals.

This information is then stored centrally in the cloud and is easily accessible by all key stakeholders, and ensures you know exactly what you’re serving up. Cheers to that!

Supplier information management software can be your best Bud (weiser)

Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® PIM module puts the responsibility onto the supplier to provide you with all the necessary information about alcoholic drinks that you need to know, through fully configurable questionnaires. This gives businesses the golden (h)opportunity to be completely transparent throughout the supply chain and to customers, and proves you have done your due diligence to help protect company brand.

ARCUS® PIM allows users to gather deeper levels of supplier and product information, including allergen information and ingredients, which can then be fed into third-party solutions such as recipe management software.

These features, and others, are all designed to help reduce the associated risks that can cause you a headache that’s not a hangover.








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