Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 28/05/21

Allergens Roundtable – “Natasha’s Law – Allergen control in your Supply Chain”

On Wednesday morning, we hosted our roundtable discussion surrounding the impact and implications of the introduction of Natasha’s Law from October 1st 2021, in partnership with the Anaphylaxis Campaign during Allergy Awareness Week.

The following topics were discussed:

– What does Natasha’s Law mean for attendees?
– What pain points can arise from the law?
– How are the risks highlighted by the law currently managed?

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is a charity that aims to support people with allergies, who may be at risk of anaphylaxis. They offer corporate memberships, where they assist companies in staying completely up to date with allergen regulations.

In 2016, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse ate a pre-packaged baguette and died from anaphylaxis because it wasn’t evident that the baguette contained sesame.

Under the current legislation, it can be difficult for those with allergies to have full confidence in food products that have been pre-packaged and sold on-site. Natasha’s Law was created to combat this lack of transparency.

The law will come into effect from October 2021 and requires all food that is pre-packed for direct sale on-site to have a full list of ingredients on the label, as well as any allergens from the Annex II list clearly stated.

During our roundtable, we had Lynne Regent from the Anaphylaxis Campaign chairing the discussion and delivering a presentation looking into the law and its requirements, as well as the significant danger posed by anaphylaxis, and the importance of due diligence surrounding allergens in food.

This was followed by an in-depth discussion from our roundtable participants, covering any questions and clarifications surrounding the law, and measures they are taking to prepare for its implementation. Other topics that were discussed included product recalls, industry challenges, living with allergies, and changes in legislation.

To discover more about allergens in your supply chain, please download our Allergens Whitepaper here, produced in partnership with the Anaphylaxis Campaign.



Allergens White Paper

To learn more about allergens in the supply chain, have a look at our White Paper, produced in collaboration with the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

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