Posted: 26/07/23

ESG Webinar hosted by Trade Interchange

On 13th June 2023, Trade Interchange delivered an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) webinar, joined by guest expert analyst, Jeffrey Rajamani, from Forrester Research. The webinar theme was: “How can you Source a Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chain?”

The intention was to delve into the pain points surrounding the creation of sustainable and ethical supply chains, including external factors and legislations that are driving organisations, and best practices regarding technology, and source-to-contract.

What Points Did We Cover During our ESG Webinar:

After a brief introduction, Jeffrey gave an overview of best practices when sourcing a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

This included:

  • The expectations customers have of their suppliers.
  • The foundation of supplier value management.
  • Five procurement trends in 2023.
  • Case study focusing on a large confectionary organisation’s use of palm oil.

Additionally, he delved into the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in supplier management, and how this can better address strategic priorities in organisations by creating capacity for skilled professionals to complete more meaningful work. Furthermore, he explored how software can empower colleagues whilst also encouraging compliance.

Our host Mike Edmunds, broke down the process of implementing ESG across source-to-contract in procurement. He explained how ESG factors could be incorporated into each stage, to allow organisations to manage ESG information successfully and efficiently in the supply base. He touched upon the Smart Technologies needed to enhance this: Artificial Intelligence, Automation and API’s, to ensure that the information is verified to the highest standard, and the process is efficient.

Finally, Mike delved into how ARCUS® can assist with this across Source-to-Contract.

To learn more about ARCUS® as a Source to Contract solution, have a look at our factsheet here.