Written by: Trade Interchange

Posted on: 11/12/17

Supplier performance management software: The Apple of your eye

Obtaining valuable supplier performance information can be a challenge – especially if your supply chain is thousands-strong and this is a manual process.

Similarly, those people who need to provide you with this information are rarely sat at their PC for eight hours straight, meaning they may well never get round to completing the questionnaire you sent them five weeks ago.

Supplier performance management software is breaking the boundaries and evolving into a mobile-ready form – perfect for the iPhone X and other smartphone users!

Key features of Apple’s most futuristic phone have been created to enhance the user’s experience, and can also be mirrored in effective supplier performance management software.

Let’s face it – it’s important to know your suppliers!

The iPhone X’s Face ID feature has revolutionised the way that users log into their smartphones.

Having a phone that literally recognises you before it unlocks itself sounds like something from the distant future, and connects users to their phones more than ever before.

The same can be said for supplier performance – it is key to know who your suppliers are and how they operate in order to manage their performance effectively. The challenge comes when your supply base is large, complex and sometimes worldwide.

Luckily, a software package can make this process a lot simpler. Inviting suppliers and other stakeholders to score opens up communication, and allows you to really get to know who you’re dealing with, thus building better business relationships.

There’s no place like home – and no place for a home button

One of the most notable features of the iPhone X is the lack of a home button. Users now just have to swipe up and they’re instantly transported to the home screen.

What’s more, it seems that ease of use and simple navigation are what customers look for when using devices – and the same can be said for software.

Fortunately, SPM software features easy to configure scorecards made up of multiple-choice questions, which can be sent to your suppliers and other stakeholders to gather the information that your business needs to know.

Similarly, the log-in free access makes it even simpler to use which, in turn, encourages scoring to maximise response rates.

The smartest way to manage vast amounts of data

With constant pressure from competition and consumers to have the most current and cutting-edge technology, Apple has incorporated the smartest chip ever installed in a smartphone into the iPhone X.

The Neural engine, also known as A11 Bionic, is a dual-core design and has the ability to perform 600 billion operations per second for real-time processing.

Effective supplier performance management software should be similar.

Automated processes make it easy to manage the performance of hundreds, even thousands of suppliers and a central, cloud-based platform reduces the administration and provides you with the capability to store vast amounts of supplier performance data in one place.

Time to get Siri-ous about SPM software

Mobile-ready SPM software is a great way to get a complete 360° view over your suppliers’ performance in relation to critical KPIs and business metrics that matter the most to you, which helps to maximise supplier value and inform better purchasing decisions.

ARCUS® Supplier Performance Management module has been designed with the users in mind, and is an advanced way to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your supply base, no matter how complex.

The iPhone X is one example of a device that ARCUS® SPM software can be used on, and it’s clear and simplistic set up means it is so easy to use, and can be up-and-running within a week, with minimal training.

To find out more about ARCUS® SPM, why not watch our video by clicking here. Alternatively, get in touch with us by clicking here.

SPM Factsheet

ARCUS® SPM allows users to track and evaluate suppliers’ performance against the SLAs and KPIs that matter the most to them.

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SPM Case Study

Four Seasons Health Care uses ARCUS® SPM to measure the performance of suppliers against configurable KPIs.

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