Written by: Amy Cornforth

Posted on: 13/01/21

7 ARCUS® Integrations that will help with Digital Transformation in 2021

To adjust to remote working, effective processes must be implemented.

2020 was the year where remote working became the new normal. True, this was out of necessity, but there’s still a lot to suggest that it could be here to stay, at least in some capacity. Remote working has many advantages including contributing to a healthier work/life balance for your employees by taking the commute out of the equation.

But this could be pushed further. Whilst remote working is advantageous, it could be made more efficient. Our ARCUS® supplier management software can centralise your supply base management processes and has several features which can increase workplace efficiency. One of these features is ARCUS® Connect.

ARCUS® Connect enables our supplier management software to integrate with other platforms, which provides you with the ability to fully digitise your processes for remote working and can integrate easily with the following software:


DocuSign is a secure software which allows both you, and others to complete e-signatures on documents, easily and without fuss. ARCUS® can integrate with DocuSign, and this works particularly effectively with our ARCUS® Supplier Contract Management (SCM) module. Once a document has been signed, it can be stored within ARCUS® securely, alongside company information and contract terms and conditions.

Fourth Recipe and Menu Engineering solution

Fourth Recipe and Menu Engineering solution is a software often used in restaurant management and hospitality, and one of its key functions is its ability to help create menus. ARCUS® Product Information Management (PIM) can integrate Fourth to transfer over information about ingredients and allergens of menu items, bypassing the need to re-key data, and eliminating risk associated with human error.

Google Maps

ARCUS® Supplier Information Management (SIM) can integrate flawlessly with the maps section of Google, to allow you to collect detailed information about the location of your supplier. This means that you can further assess whether your existing data surrounding your suppliers is accurate, providing reassurance.  In addition, maps can integrate with our Manufacturing Site Information plug-in, so users can see the locations of their supplier manufacturing sites.

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory is a service which allows administrators to manage permissions to various network resources, but by integrating with ARCUS® supplier management software, the software allows for easier sign-ins and enhanced security.


To reduce the level of risk in your supplier management, ARCUS® can integrate with SafeContractor, a software known for assessing and verifying the health and safety of your suppliers. This can be invaluable during tenders, where thoroughly assessing and selecting the best supplier is of the utmost importance, so problems further down the supply chain can be avoided. Using SafeContractor, integrated with ARCUS® supplier management software, the company can better verify the health and safety of suppliers, and bring all compliance data into one place.

Custom ERP systems

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used by businesses to integrate different sections of a business and establish a flow of information between departments.

ARCUS® can integrate with your current ERP system, including SAP, Oracle and dynamic, but is fully customisable to the system you work with. ARCUS® PIM collects and stores more data than your average ERP system, which can be easily transferred across systems.

NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global are a company specialising in integrated risk and compliance management solutions. If a client is a customer of both organisations, then our ARCUS® SIM module can integrate with NAVEX Global’s software, more specifically, the RiskRate tool can be used as a Go/No-Go prequalifying tool which can enhance your company’s compliance procedures further and reduce risk by ensuring all documents are verified.


If you are interested in our ARCUS® supplier management software, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Trade Interchange today.

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