Posted: 16/02/21

Trade Interchange to provide supply base confidence at Elysium Healthcare

Elysium Healthcare is a private provider of mental health services based in Borehamwood, UK. The company brings together over 30 years of experience in the mental healthcare sector to create unique, personalised pathways for all of their patients.

Elysium Healthcare new business

Elysium Healthcare was founded in December 2016, combining the sites from the portfolios of Partnerships in Care and The Priory Group after they were sold by Acadia Healthcare. Further acquisitions have enlarged the group, enabling Elysium Healthcare to provide services across mental health care, neurological care, education, children’s services and private patient services.

Trade Interchange is pleased to announce that Elysium Healthcare will be implementing three ARCUS® modules:

Elysium Healthcare is subscribing to three of Trade Interchange’s ARCUS® modules; ARCUS® eRFX, ARCUS® SIM, and ARCUS® SCM to streamline supplier tenders, supplier on-boarding, and supplier contract management respectively.

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